The Gondola

Gondola is a complex installation of cable transport for tourists who wants to admire Mamaia resort panorama. The transport capacity is 1500 persons / hour and tourists can board in one of the two stations: the first one is situated in the Perla Hotel area, and the second one being situated in Casino area in Mamaia.

This way, tourists will have the opportunity to float over the resort for about seven minutes at a maximum height of 50 meters. The capacity of a gondola is eight places only (as it is darker, natural ventilation occurs only when the doors are opened and there is a strong sunscreen and glazing so as to ensure the best possible visibility). The total length of the route is 2000 meters.

Aqua Magic (water park)

Aqua Magic is one of the largest entertainment water parks and is situated right at the entrance of Mamaia resort, coming from Constanta. The park has the following attractions: a playground for children made up of multiple pools with slides, 2 united pools for children with 4 mushroom-shaped showers, a flowing river, which communicates with all pools, including adult pool, various water tubes, woven or spiral, tubes with funnel system arrival, different types of slides for adults. The facilities you will find there are: changing cabins, safe deposit boxes, lounges, bars and dining areas.

Activities in Mamaia

Besides sunbathing, here is what you can do in Mamaia: in the Casino area there is a beautiful plaza with fountains and bandstand. Here, take place different evening performances or concerts for both adults and children and a lot of tourists gather here to spend the summer warm evenings. On the promenade area you will find restaurants, terraces, bars, clubs, pizzerias, discos, and shops. The resort also provides tennis courts, minigolf, volleyball and basketball courts. Water sports can also be practiced either on sea: jet skiing, boating or other types of boats, or on the Siutghiol Lake, where you can practice windsurfing, sailing, water skiing, paragliding. In Mamaia you can ride on motorized gliders or motor glider towed by motorboat. You can find recreational centers for water sports on seaside areas, such as: Park, Flora, Iaki-Riviera and Lido, as well as on the lakeside areas: nearby Hotel Piccadilly, Tic-Tac Hotel, Penguin Hotel or Caraiman.

The Beach

Mamaia beach stretches on almost 8 km long and 100-200 m wide and has fine sand as well as numerous amenities: different types of lounge chairs, umbrellas, changing rooms and showers (in the north of the resort). When bathing, you notice that once you enter the water there are no stones or shells so it is soft and smooth. From this point of view, Mamaia Beach has the following differences: in the south, at the entry into Constanta, the beach is narrower and stony, in center it is wider and quite busy as here are organized several events. In the north of the resort, the beach has a lot of facilities and has fine sand.

Ovidiu Island

Ovidiu Island is a tourist attraction created naturally and located on the Siutghiol Lake, Mamaia, at a distance of 5000 m from shore and 500 m at the Ovidiu city. The island is one of those unique places of the Romanian seaside, with a complex for tourists with 20 accommodation places in houses with 3star facilities: double bed, bathroom, air conditioning, TV cable, minibar and so on. The complex has a rustic restaurant and terrace, where tourists can dine or enjoy seafood with a great variety of fish. The transport between Mamaia and Ovidiu Island is possible by boat, which hourly brings tourists to the island and also offers unique rides on the lake. The boat is functional the entire year. If the boat has already left the shore once you arrived there and you want to get on the island, several small boats provide transportation to this destination.